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AB 89 1 year 8 months ago #39

Hello everyone, 
Just a quick update on AB 89.  Many of you are probably wondering how AB 89 will affect your AJ/CJ/AOJ program.  Here is the scoop!

AB 89 was conceived by the police chiefs in response to the public questioning police training.  It was originally supposed to be a P.O.S.T. project but P.O.S.T. gave it over to the CCC's to handle.  I have been in touch with the Vice Chancellor that is overseeing the implementation of AB 89 and the idea is to create a statewide committee with the various stakeholders to come up with a plan for AB 89 implementation.  We have until June 2023 to do that.

So, what does that mean for us?  Well, unless you have an academy on your campus then AB 89 does not apply to you.  The current plan is to look at the current 41 academies across the state and figure out how to meld the 42 P.O.S.T. Learning Domains with a 60 unit  AA degree in AJ/CJ/AOJ.  Sounds like a daunting task, doesn't it.  

Also the committee that is working on the 5-year AS-T review is almost complete and you should all be getting info on what the updates are. Honestly, there are not that many changes, but there is one important addition of an objective to all of the descriptors which is "consider contemporary issues of diversity and ethics".  The reality is the descriptors are only foundational and every college should fashion their COR's with the descriptors in mind.  Plus, if the descriptors were changed in any major way, every single program in the state would have to re-do their COR's, so the committee felt minor updates were more feasible for the greater good.

More to follow!

Kathy Oborn
CAAJE President

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