Criminal Justice and
Public Safety Resources

Fire Technology Activities 

F.T. = Fire Technology

A).  Basic Skills Generic Learning Activities

B).  Fire Technology Instructor Directions

C).  FT 101 Fire Protection Organization

D).  FT 102 Fire Prevention Technology

E).  FT 103 Fire Protection Equipment and Systems

F).  FT 104 Building Construction for Fire Protection

G).  FT 105 Fire Behavior and Combustion

H).  FT 106 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival

Administration of Justice Learning Activites

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A)  Introduction to Administration of Justice

B).  Criminal Law

C).  P.S. Communications

D).  Criminal Procedure

E).  Criminal Evidence

F).  Human Relations

2012 Chancellors Office Public Safety Educators Conference

Below you will find 2 educative Justice Learning Acvities.  Please click on the links to pull the documents.
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Learning Activities

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1.  Administration of Justice

2.  Fire Technology Activities

3. The Learning Template